Lost / Replacement of Passport

This application is for all individuals

Your application is considered under lost or replacement when the actual passport booklet is damaged or not in your possession to accompany your application at renewal even though the passport itself is no longer valid.
Mandatory appearance of applicants is required with the issuance of Electronic Nigerian Passport for both facial and finger print recognition.

Requirements for application

  • Copy of lost passport
  • Copy of parent(s) Nigerian passport
  • Copy of guarantors Nigerian Passport
  • Another form of identification
  • 2 Passport photographs
  • Additional forms to be filled out please click here to download

Passport Fees and Processing Times

Type of Service

  • Processing Time
  • Fees to Nigerian High Commission + postal order
  • Handling charges

(32 pages)

  • 7 Working Days
  • £202
  • from £65

(64 pages)

  • 7 Working Days
  • £228
  • from £65
* Minors get a discount when applying for 32 pages passport.
Applicants 60 years and over; pay same fees as minors when applying for a Nigerian passport.

Begin your application

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Preferred appointment dates are reliant on availability, be assured when not available you would get the closest possible date.

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Place of birth

State of origin
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Marital status
Name of Next of Kin

Relationship to next of Kin
Next of Kin phone number

Address in UK
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Post code

Address in Nigeria
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Local Government Area

By completing this form, the Applicant gives their consent to share their information with Apply4me Passport Visa Service Centre to act as their agent solely for the intended purpose of completing their passport or visa application. Apply4me Passport Visa Service Centre treats all information received with high degree of confidentiality as defined under the Data Protection Act 1998 and will not share your data to any third part unless compelled by law; by a court order. Apply4me Passport Visa Service Centre is registered under the Companies Act as Pifany UK Ltd (company no 9522415)

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Please check that the information you have typed in is accurate before sending. Also ensure you meet the requirements for the applications.